Deb Reny | Childhood Fantasies

These images are a visual exploration of the larger issues - death, illness, memory, conflict, love, loss, and hope - that I've faced and that form the backdrop to the busy-ness of everyday life.
They feature my children, and also my own photographs, or creations in Illustrator, and on occasion found images. I make use of recurring symbology and find that the more I use an object, the more I'm comfortable with how it will be used in a composition.
I am guided by my subconscious. Often, I only know that it's important that I add certain items and that the image looks a certain way. Days, months, or even years later I'll realize what the final composition is actually about, and will always be able to relate it to what I was going through at the time. Sometimes, imagery from a song that particularly resonated with me at the time is incorporated into the picture. I may be satisfied with an image after just a day or two of work, or may need months of visiting and revisiting an image for me to have the sense of calmness and being grounded that tells me that the image is complete.
Summer Dreaming - 2010Magic Morning - 2010Waiting for Dad on Sirius 4 - 2011Sanctuary Under the Khamarath Tree - 2012Land of Hope and Dreams - 2012Kicking the light fantastic - 2013Sense of an Ending 2 - 2013Goin' to California - 2014Before the Wind - 2014....beneath a diamond sky.....  2015