My abstracts are an exploration of two themes: the modern world and how everything is built up from the small, discrete units.

I have a life-long interest in the how the world works, which has involved keeping up with research into quantum physics and grand unified theories (I initially began university as a double major in math and physics). I am fascinated with detail, the way everything can be further broken down into minutiae: moments make events which make history, quarks form particles which form atoms which form physical objects, our lives are a series of moments, a book is a compendium of words, a picture on a computer screen is an array of pixels. There's always a pattern, some underlying set of rules, which enables the details to become something far greater and more interesting than the details on their own.

I limit myself to one or sometimes two shapes and employ different methods of repeating the same shape. I can vary the shapes in size from 1 pixel to thousands of pixels and play with scale, as well as explore the visual effects of successive iterations. I don't use any programming, preferring to explore the effects of success human gestures.

At the start of this year, I became enthralled with the surrealist ideat of 'automatic drawing': allowing the subconscious dictate the picture and relinquishing control. I wondered if it could be applied to my work, and came up with a process. Intrigued by the result, I again followed the lead of the surrealists, and refined the process and the artwork until I obtained a result that I wanted. What particularly delights me about this process, that of relinquishing control and allowing randomness to be a key element of the creative process, is that both matter (subatomic particles) and life (gene mutations) are at a very basic level, subject to random processes, so the concept of randomization closely parallels my obsession with detail.

These range in size from two to six feet across.
I've included some close-ups for some of the shots to provide the viewer with a sense of the detail.
InfluenceForest FiresSnowstormAt the Beach - 2017Tulip Field - 2017After the Storm - V2 - 2017Daybreak - 2015Peonies in the Snow - 2015Modernity - Redux 2 - 2015Modernity - Redux 1 - 2015The White Project - 2015Modernity - 2014Orange Rhombuses - 2014Possibilities - 2014Flight - 2011